Jota Trigoni was born and raised in Athens.

She studied in Austria and Serbia and graduated from the School of Dentistry, specializing in Oral Pathology.

Jota lived in Los Angeles for a while, where she attended practical seminars on new techniques in
modern aesthetic dentistry. She has also studied piano.

Jota is active in dentistry and in the business field, in Liechtenstein and Istanbul.

Moreover, she has been the face of the advertising campaign of the AND HOTEL (Istanbul) for several years. She is an active member of the Hellenic American Union.

At Greece Jota Trigoni is politically active , such she is tourism secretary with the independent Greek party.

 In February (2013) Jota  successfully held a photographic exhibition entitled:

“ ATHENS THROUGH MY EYES”, for the purpose of which, she was shot in some of the most historical spots of Athens. The purpose of the exhibition was to promote Athens abroad.
The exhibition travelled to Istanbul and Zurich.

 In 2014 published her first book - album with many photos of landscapes of Athens and protagonists of everyday people. The book whose presentation took place at the Old Parliament adopted in Greek and English, is based on the eponymous exhibition held in Athens entitled "Athens through my eyes".  

She was nominated for the award "Woman of Switzerland" for the year 2012.
She was headlines in the Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet" with extensive tribute to the various actions.

 At 2014 foreign media proclaimed ambassador of Greece.

Languages she speaks: English , Turkish , Spanish , Bulgarian , Serbian , Slovenian , Croatian.


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